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TIPS provides the following information as a service to the educational community. Inclusion herein does not connote a recommendation; rather, it simply means that these services are available on the net. However, if one of these services proves part icularly helpful or unhelpful to you, please notify us so that we may further investigate on behalf of the international school community. This is your list. Send us for improving its con tent and layout. Thank you.

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TIPS' Advertising Table of Contents

Cross-platform oriented products These products have been donated for the TIPS' Lesson Plan Contest
New Listings
Macintosh Product Distributors
MacTIPS, Product Price Comparison
PC Product Distributors
pcTIPS, Product Price Comparison
Macintosh-related Product Manufacturers
PC-related Product manufacturers
Portable Applications and Documents
Addresses for ordering Educational Materials
TIPS' Alpha List by Earl Sande
Computer and Multimedia Magazines on-line
About Digital Money
  • Acclaim! Computers & Software, , "Storefront operation that also has telemarketing sales of computers, hardware, software, etc."