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Meet TIPS' Music Editor, Chris Chater

"Christopher Chater has been teaching Electronic Music at the American School of Paris for close to twenty years and has been using M.I.D.I. in class for more than ten. My Lower School students use portable mini-keyboards in conjunction with recorder literature, then learn to play their compositions to a click beat into a sequencer from which the music can be printed out as a published score. Upper Schoolers have their own production studio based on a high-speed pentium system where digital multitrack is co-resident with harddisk recording in anticipation of future multimedia applications via internet and CD technology. For many years he has organized Music Technology presentations and resource centers for ECIS conference events.

"Contrary to past predictions, computer literacy does not isolate musicians. The progress made in establishing international M.I.D.I. standards permits extensive collaboration, and encourages creative exchanges. More students than ever before are seeking instruction on acoustic instruments including voice, so technology is percieved as a useful tool rather than a diminishing form of expression.

TIPS is lucky to have Chris on board and we think the international community will directly benefit as he, in his own words, carries "the MIDI torch" forward. Welcome Chris. [Ed.]

Greetings from the Paris suburbs, where spring is finally taking its revenge on homework and lesson plans! I hasten to admit that while I have been using MIDI in school for many years, it has been on equipment that has subsequently become obsolete, with the result that this year I am again a beginner in many ways. So I'll be sparing with my wisdom until I can finally learn to configure my new PC.

First of all, take a visit to one of these school pages where the music has been composed by students of various ages.

School Pages

ASIJ Music Composition
ASP Music Compositions
Patch High Music Department
Composers In Electronic Residence
The Young Composer's Guild

These are just a few examples of what will most certainly become a steady trend in the next few months. Multi-media is already invading the net at a rate we are unable to keep up with. So we need to learn some of the newer instruments of the orchestra.

The following links are only roughly classified and categories often overlap: send me your thoughts on an appropriate CyberDewey!

More soon on setting up a MIDI studio in a classroom.

Electronic Music

Sites of Interest to Electronic Musicians
The best is CIER (Composers in Electronic Residence) at run by my buddy Dave Beckstead who has infinite patience and vision (he used to teach Middle School Music) Arachnaut's Lair - Electronic/Experimental Music Links (by Jim Hurley
Computer Music Journal Web Link File
Computer Music Journal Home Page
Music on the Internet: Computer-related
Infoseek Guide: Electronic music
A two voice paradoxical canon

Mac users will find the following links helpful

Harmony Central: Software: Mac
The Macintosh MIDI User's Internet Guide
Twin Cities MIDI: MIDI on the Macintosh (updated Jan. 18, 1998)

Other useful links



The Midi Music Pages Music Notation and Music Notation Programs
Yahoo- Entertainment:Music:Genres:Computer Generated:MIDI
Chad Gould's MIDI links
MIDI Home Page
Fil's FAQ-Link-In Corner: LinkIn: Midi
The Arachnaut's FTP E-Music Software List

Music FTP,MEGA MIDI Archive
Standard MIDI Files on the Net
Music on the Internet: Downloadable
Classical MIDI Archives
Directory of /pub/MIDI/SONGS
Index of /ftp/contrib/midi/bestmidi/
Home Page de Cowon MacLeod's Home Page
Standard MIDI Files on the Net - HTTP & News
Directory of /midifarm/pub
MIDI files
Wayside - MIDI Music Collection
Gerd's MIDI Pages: The Collection
Classical MIDI Archives
InfoSeek Titles: midifiles
Directory of /midifarm/pub/midifiles/General_MIDI
Music ftp Sites
WWW Virtual Library: Music - FTP Archives
Internet Music Resource Guide

Music - Lyrics

Point Communications Corporation: lyrics
Lyrics server
Great Lyrics
Yahoo - Entertainment:Music:Lyrics
Lyrics server
Title Search

Music - Social Studies

Index of /bobcatftp/pub/beatles/
Ancient Music <
Sound and Healing Links

Music Resources

Internet Music Resource Guide
Nerd World : MUSIC
Music Publishers
Musical Web Connections Table of Contents
Keyboard Central
KEYBOARD (US) Magazine Homepage
Musician's Web
Music Resources on the Internet
Yahoo - Entertainment:Music:Indices

Music Technical


Harmony Central: MIDI Tools and Resources
Steinberg France
Evolution Home Page
Software Net Product Menu
Music Software Mail Order
Electronic Music Software Priceguide


USA New Gear Price List January 19, 1996
digitalNation WWW


Sound On Sound - PC Notes
FutureNet: Future Music January '95 - Netters to the Editor
Francophone Keyboards Mag

Music Education

Music K-12

Music Curriculum Resources
Sea World Songs
Music Educators National Conference Website
Herb's Music Box
Music Instruction Software
The Music Educator's Home Page
MIDI Resources for Teachers
K-12 Resources For Music Educators

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