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Welcome to TIPS' Science Editor, Bob Riddle

"I was born in a log cabin in .... whoops wrong one.

"I am the Planetarium Director for the Kansas City Missouri School District, and the facility is located at Southwest HS. My teaching involves planetarium lessons with grades from pre-K to 12th, and some college. I write 'Scope on the Skies' for the NSTA journal Science Scope, and the various sky info postings, and other ramblings, you see on Kidsphere, and elsewhere. Since I am no longer 'in the classroom' the world, by default, has become my, by default, has become my classroom.

"Been classroom teaching for 13 years and planetarium for about the same length. Got started in the planetarium after taking my classes yearly to one. I became very interested in teaching with the equipment and how it seems to increase understanding through the modeling capabilities. Eventually I got out the classroom and into what I do now.

"As a fairly active amateur astronomer I am, as I tell students, getting a salary for my hobby. My main interests with the telescope or binoculars are just to enjoy looking. My academic background is Geology and I am especially interested in landforms and their origins, in particular on other planets.

Clear Skies...

Bob Riddle, Director KCMSD Planetarium ** 6512 Wornall Rd. Kansas City, MO. 64113 USA


Bob was the author of April's featured article which he continued in May's TIPS with Part II. Bob will be a regular on TIPS for which we feel very fortunate. In June, he contributed his lesson plan and article Summer-Winter Skies and in September he gave us Our Place in Space about how to find our "universal addresses." This time Bob has put on his sun glasses and and appears to have been listening to early rock 'n' roll in his Me and My Shadow. We are fortunate to have such a fine roll model for science (and humanistic) education.[Ed.]

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The Teacher's Internet Pages Table of Contents: Find Bob Riddle's on-line Astronomy lessons!

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