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Welcome to GOaT Net, the Global Observation and Telecommunications Network of 
international school students.
TIES, a new International School Student Webzine, with which Goatnet is proud to be associated! 

GOaT-Net Home Page

Goatnet is now four years old and has been retired in order to be reconceived and recreated.  Thank you for visiting.
Four on-going issues (publish when you're ready) for international study. Read and contribute to an archive of research by and for international school students. (All ages and levels are welcomed):
On-going issue no. 1: Fine Arts and Crafts 
On-going issue no. 2: History and Society 
On-going issue no. 3: Language and Literature (all languages Accepted) 
On-going issue no. 4: Science and Mathematics 
On-going issue no. 5: Student Writing of All Kinds 
Goatnet and GOAT-zine were started in 1993.
Information and Comments to dbuckcas@iteachnet.com
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