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TIPS' Shareware suggestions for easier internet communications

This is your list. Please send us for additions and deletions.

TIPS is up-dated weekly. your ideas for improving its content and layout. Thank you.

Check out this list of Programs and sites relevant to "Safe Surfin'" culled by Seth Ruef from Consumer Reports. Also available in Seth's Cites Archive.

For the Macintosh or For the P.C.
orTools for Making Your Own PagesorSearch Engines

Macintosh and Power Macintosh Shareware and Freeware (and otherwise useful software) Links

PC and Pentium Shareware and Freeware links

Search Engines

Portable Applications and Documents

Portable documents are the latest attempt to make formatted e-mail possible. If you've ever tried to send a document over the net, you 've had either to send it as unformatted text, or, to make sure the person receiving the document has the sa me application as well as the same platform as the one used to create the document. With the advent of portable documents, at least one of these worries is dissolved. All of the following portable document creators allow you to "print" a portabe digital document (pdd) from your favorite application. Some of them work on both Mac and PC platforms; some work on only one of them. To get acquainted with them, or to read a document formatted by one of them, you can follow these links:

You can also make a portable document using Macintosh Sytem 7.5 (QuckDraw GX).

Tools for Making Your Own Pages

Of course, most word processors now have HTML converters and we're on the cusp of easy Java, Active X and push technology. Stay tuned.

Date: Sun, 08 Jun 1997 11:26:30 +0000

Dear Colleagues,
The following information has been summarized from an article in Consumer Reports, May 1997. It refers to presently available products to help protect children from "nasty" sites on the Web. You may or may wish to either use the information your self or pass it on to interested parents. For a more detailed review of each product, refer to the article, pg. 29-30.


  1. Cyber Patrol, version 3.10
    Windows or Macintosh
    Microsystems Software, USA
    (508) 879-9000
    $29.95, free to subscribers of AOL, Compuserve, Prodigy
  2. Cybersitter, version 2.1
    Windows only
    Solid Oak Software, USA
    (805) 967-9853
    $39.95 plus $5.00 shopping
  3. Net Nanny, version 3.1
    Windows only
    Net Nanny, USA
    (604) 662-8522
    $39.95 or $26.95 from Web site
  4. SurfWatch, version 1.6V2
    Windows and Macintosh
    Spyglass, USA
    (800) 458-6600
  5. Internet Explorer, version 3.0
    Windows and Macintosh
    Microsoft, USA
    (800) 426-9400

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