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The Teacher's Internet Pages,
Number Eleven:
, October - December, 1997

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I am New to TIPS and am Seeking a Position at an International School
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TIPS On-line International School Want-Ads,
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Find out what positions international schools have available for teachers and administrators and how to apply for them.
The TIPS' Teachers's Web:
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International School Job Fair Calendar

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TIPS International School Educator's Professional Development Opportunities Bulletin Board
TIPS' On-line International School Educator's Professional Development Opportunities
International School Job Fair Calendar for 97-98

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  1. Read and Contribute to The International Education Webzine and Back Issues
  2. Make use of the TIPS Departments and Bulletin Boards
  3. Encourage your students and Teachers to post Work and Ideas on Goatnet, the International School Students' Bulletin Board-Webzine
  4. Become an International Education Colleague
  5. Join and support the TIPS-International Education Research and Development Groups
  6. Make Sure you and colleagues are on the International Teacher and Administrator's E-mail List

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TIPS' Gallery of International Schools, Have a look; add your school's URL!
Follow this Link to Find Employees

TIPS' Teacher's House Swap: Take Advantage of this opportunity.

I would like to place information about our school on the World Wide Web

TIPS can either help you design your school's web page, or, if you want to do it yourself, TIPS can simply provide you with a space on the wall of our Gallery of International Schools. It's Free:Don't leave your space on the wall empty!

Find Who You're After: TIPS' Employment Resources and Communications Toolkit for International Education

I am New to TIPS and am Seeking Employees.

TIPS can help in a number of ways:

  1. Resumés and c.v.'s on-line (Post your résumés using interactive page maker.)
  2. View Job Annoucements and Add your own.
  3. The International Education Colleagues Directory
  4. The International Teacher's and Administrator's E-mail List
  5. TIPS' WWW Bulletin Board
  6. TIPS' Gallery of International Schools

I would like to place an ad for an available position at an international school. .

TIPS' Communications Toolkit for International Educators and Discussion Forums

  1. The International Education Colleagues' Directory
  2. The International Teacher's and Administrator's E-mail List
  3. TIPS' WWW Bulletin Board
  4. TIPS' Critical Issues in International Education
  5. TIPS' Technology for International Understanding Bulletin Board and Drawing
  6. Survey of International School Access to the Internet
  7. Department and Subject Bulletin Board Forums

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How to Place an advertisement for Goods and Services Useful to International School Teachers and Administrators

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Just Leave it Clean and Pay the Utilities You will also find travel and Insurance Information there.

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