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International Education System Pilot Project


What is the Project?

The pilot project is designed to test the feasibility of a comprehensive K-12 International Education System. It will operate on a small scale, involving up to 30 diverse schools from ar ound the world. The participating schools will create a rich cultural and linguistic mix. They will continue to use their own languages of instruction but will communicate in English with the other pilot schools.

Each school will retain its autonomy and character as well as any state or sectarian relationship it may have.

The International Education System will offer these schools the chance to co-operate in all key aspects of their operations. The schools will share a common philosophy and mission, harmonis ed pedagogical standards and curriculum objectives. These will be based on programmes now operated by the International Baccalaureate (IB). The IB, the IB Middle Years Programme and the International Schools Curriculum Project will provide the starting point.

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive system of the highest quality.

Why is there a need for the project?

The pilot project is based on a belief that education is uniquely placed to provide lasting solutions to the major problems facing world society: warfare, disease, poverty, racism, destructi on of the natural environment and other fundamental issues. These issues overarch natural and political boundaries, afflicting human beings everywhere. Education is the most important means at our disposal for edeveloping peaceful, loving and co-operati ve attitudes.

Other basic areas of activity have for a long time been global in scale. These include: business, industry and finance, religion, science and technology (particularly medical sciences), com munications, transportation, entertainment, sports.

We now urgently need to find a way to enable education to become global also. Hence the pilot project.

How will Schools Benefit from Membership?

Schools participating in the pilot project will be an integral part of a unique educational experiment with far-reaching implications. They will be able to help shape the project and determ ine its direction. These schools will have an unusual amount of exposure since the pilot project will be followed by leaders in education, politics and government, as well as the media. They will be recognised as leadership schools.

Teachers and administrators from participating schools will have a stimulating and demanding challenge. They will be able to achieve new standards of excellence by means of collaboration wi th other schools in the project. They will experience an unusually rich professional development, thanks to working closely with their counterparts around the world.

For more information on the IESPP, send e-mail to Mr Phil Thomas, Project Coordinator at

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