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Cover September 23, 1998

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TIPS' Vacation House-Swap Service
Trade places with another overseas educator during vacation.

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List Servers are sites maintained just for E-mail correspondence between people interested in particular topics. There is a list for nearly everything of which you can conceive -- from the sacred to the silly. To begin, you must subscribe to the list; you will be sent an automated reply with the discussion guidelines. This reply will usually also contain addresses needed to un-subscribe or post a message. Save it somewhere noticeable on your desktop. When you go on vacation, you will want to unsubscribe so that your mailbox doesn't explode while you are away. "Netiquette" demands that you "lurk" a while before you add your two cents; some moderators, however, invite an initial self-introduction to the group. KIDSPHERE is one such friendly list. The links provided here will get you started nicely.

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