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Coming, or On-going Attractions:

See also, annual, but past possibilities.

For one reason or another, many of us spend a significant amount of our own time and money during our annual long vacations on professional development. Whether pursuing degrees, garnering credits for certification or steps, or just incorrigibly interested in learning, teachers make up a large percentage of most college and university programs each summer (northern or southern). Sometimes, we decide we want to try our hands in a different department or working with a different student age-group; some of us are asked. Whatever the reasons are, there are many possibilities; in fact, there are too many.

Most colleges and universities have programs aimed directly at teachers. Searching the World Wide Web we can find a number of useful pages such as this one covering mostly Australian Universities Teacher Professional Development Online or this one for the U.S. TOPSS Conferences/Institutes/Workshops/Conventions for Teachers. (TCONINS.HTM) Often, however, we find that a bit of "local knowledge" can be helpful in finding something truly useful for teaching and administering at international schools.

Past, but not Forgotten:

There are others listed in the links above which are not represented here. Please follow those links for information on programs listed.

Again, this is just a start. TIPS will add information as it is received; please let us know if you have some course information your colleagues might find useful. Thank you. Meanwhile, have a look at this beginning of a Teacher's Development Webliography.

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