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TIPS' International Tax Information

Meet Lance Roberts, TIPS' Tax Correspondent:

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Graduated US Air Force Academy in 1969 with a BSc in Economics and Political Science. Graduated Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in 1970 with MA in Economics and Diplomacy. After military service in Vietnam (awarded DFC 8 times) worked 13 years in the Middle East in corporate finance and general management.

In 1986, took a major career change and joined a British brokerage firm, opening up an office in Bangkok. The change in American tax laws made selling UK and offshore investments to Americans counter-productive (the IRS will eat you alive), so in 1989 moved to present American brokerage firm.

Now Vice President in charge of South and South-East Asia for TIECare / FInancial Planning Services - International, Inc., a US registered stock brokerage firm. All our representatives are licensed by the National Association of Securities Dealers, and the firm is a member of the Securities Investors Protection Corp (the investors' equivalent of the banks' FDIC).

TIPS is happy to welcome Lance Roberts to the team. We already have ample evidence of the valuable information he can provide the international community in his Money Matter$ in this month's TIPS Webzine. For specific information regarding taxes for expats, no matter which country they call home (or at least call the tax collector), contact .

Frequently requested U.S. Tax Forms (from the I.R.S.)

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To start us off, we can assuage our curiosity with a look at the U.S. Internal Revenue Department's forms on the Web:

You can also download Adobe Acrobat from this site, which you will need to read the forms.

If you are from Britain, then you can try Inland Revenue
Tax Net.

and check out Money World, a personal-finance periodical on-line from the U.K.

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