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TIPS' international mentor program

Welcome to TIPS' mentor program, called teachnet. This has taken a lot of time to plan, but we are pleased to say we are now fully up and running.

This part of the Teacher's Internet Pages is the brain child of Andrew Kenyon, who is himself training in the U.K. to be a primary school teacher. He got the idea for Teachnet while travelling abroad last year and has now nursed it from idea to reality. On TIPS we're glad to be able to participate by providing a home for the project and a listserv for primary school teachers and student-teachers who want to help each other.

Andrew has compiled a database of those interested in the project and we'll make it available right here. If anyone would like his or her name added or removed, then he or she should fill out the form below or send email to .

To read the current database, please follow this link

Teachnet is free to join and, as part of the Teacher's Internet Pages, affords international education colleague privileges. The only rule is that you are a student studying education, that you are already a fully qualified teacher in the primary field and that you are interested in international education.

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Newsletter No1

Teachnet will produce its own monthly newsletter, edited by Andrew. This will be open to students and teachers to use to advertise and publicise the latest happenings in and around the world in Primary Education. You can advertise and publish articles in the newsletter for free. He will also begin a page of links relevant to teacher training and mentoring. Finally, we should soon be able to announce the address of a listserv for the Teacher's Internet Pages that will cater to teacher training with an international focus.

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