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Ready for another well-deserved vacation? Been there and done that? Not sure where to go on this trip? Maybe this is the trip for lying on the beach, having a beer, reading a trashy novel, and turning off your overheated intellect for a few days. Maybe it's time for some ritzy hotels, a little casino night life, some tropical cocktails with little palm trees topping them off, a few rounds of golf at a nice country club. Who better to tell you about some cool spots than someone who's been there? Check out our new travel section and maybe you'll find some inside info on that destination that you've been dreaming of while you've been slaving over report cards and accreditation reports.

This is your spot on iteachnet to build your own website of your favorite paradise - be it home or some exotic island. Check out Dr, Bruce's Bali pages for a starter, and then join up with iteachnet and place your own website right here.

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