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TIPS's A.P. (Advanced Placement) International Section

What's the AP?

Welcome AP teachers, and those interested in, or curious about, teaching the Advanced Placement Program. This section of TIPS is to help you find information and collegial support. It is not sponsored by the College Board. Here TIPS presents you with ways to find or to add:

Enjoy, and be sure to take advantage of these easy ways to integrate technology into your courses effectively.

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What's AP?

A.P. stands for Advanced Placement, and refers to advance-level courses high school students may take in preparation for university level study. There are AP courses for almost every area of study one can think of, and students completing these courses can take tests administered by the College Board in Princeton, New Jersey in the U.S. Students receiving acceptable grades (usually at least fours on a one to five scale) may be eligAPle to receive course completion credit from the colleges or universities they choose for post-secondary education. This credit would allow these able students to spend less time on the way to completing their undergraduate degrees, or to go further or, perhaps, more deeply, in their areas of concentration (majors). Institutions in the U.S. and abroad now participate in College Board program of Advanced Placement. Please see the links to other resources on the net for more detailed information, or add your own suggestion.

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